Brass Class

Instrumental education in the Kevelaer Music Club

What is a Brass Class

A Brass Class is a traditional brass band in which every pupil is learning an instrument. The kids are forming a legitimate orchestra in the process. Previous knowledge on how to read notes or to play an instrument are not necessary.


In the first phase the children learn about all the common instruments of a brass band

(concert flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, horn, euphonium, tube, drums)

and everyone may try each. In the process, basic knowledge like note reading, rhythm and ear training are conveyed.


In the second phase, to form a functioning orchestra, the wind instruments are assigned to the pupils, wile the conductor makes sure that they are distributed equally. From now on, the pupils receive lessons from different professional teachers. Also the group meets up one time a week to play together as an orchestra.


The Brass Class is an approx. 3 year course with the goal to enable the pupils to play in an actual orchestra like our Brass Band.

The Brass Class in our Music Club

The joint effort of different age groups is important for the survival of an orchestra.

This demands a dedicated youth work and high-quality education of new pupils.

Our first Brass Class at a rehearsal (click to enlarge)
Our first Brass Class at a rehearsal (click to enlarge)

The Brass Class project is leading the Music Club, together with the Basilica Music School, to new grounds which were already conquered in other towns. 

Working towards a goal in a group is highly valued in the Brass Class.

The group works as a whole and promotes the special talents of each individual pupil.


To effectively learn an instrument a certain age should have been reached. Our offer is mainly directed towards 3rd - 5th grade pupils, in exceptional cases 2nd grade is also fine.


In Hans-Gerd Stienen we have succeeded in getting an experienced instructor on board.

Stienen is a professional music teacher and is already directing the music clubs and musical education in Wemb, Winnekendonk and Kapellen.


As the Music Club Kevelaer, we are highly optimistic to have started a very successful project for our youth work and are glad to be able to offer children an excellent musical education.


If you are interested or wish to receive further information please feel to contact the direction of the Brass Band or the Basilikamusik. We are happy to help you.