Singing School

"Singing is speaking form soul to soul."

- Pope Benedikt XVI.

Children's and teen's choirs are starting to carry more and more weight. This especially holds true in church music, where they have already become important parts of sermons and common parish work.

Singing School pupils at an audition
Singing School pupils at an audition

Singing for children is a natural expression of a successful life. Sounds of comfort, caused by affectionate parents, become singing for an infant even before its first words.

In kindergarten, singing and playing go together without saying.

The joy of singing in a community prompts enthusiasm to improve their musical skill.

The "Ladybugs" at a rehearsal
The "Ladybugs" at a rehearsal

Singing in a choir opens up the mind of a child to their own personal worth and responsibility towards others 

In it, children experience the power of joint creation and the impact it has on their lives.

Singing in a choir demands and improves a unity of physical, mental and spiritual development like no other activity.

Because of that we understand our work with children as a service to their development of personality and faith.

In a choir we want to show kids and teens a way to old and new music that can be sung with joy and personal profit and equally satisfies educational, artistic and religious demands.

Together with the kids we seek ways to a musical experience that is liberating, social, imaginative, vivid and significant, satisfies their desire to express themselves and touches their harts and those who listen to them.

Our "Choir Ladder"

Boys and Girls visit the the Singing School in advancing choir levels. From kindergarten to graduation they are climbing our "Choir Ladder". 

For the kids this opens up transitions into the different choirs of the Basilikamusik, where they are singing together with adults.

For more information on our "Choir Ladder" and the possibilities for your child to learn singing with us, please feel free to contact us. We are glad to assist you.

Even easier and more impressive however, would be a visit to one of our rehearsals. All kids are cordially invited and welcome at any time!