Rehearsals: Thursdays, 14:30 - 15:00

Direction: Romano Giefer

Children at the age of three onwards together with a parent

The Ladybugs are the youngest members of the Basilikamusik and form the first step  of our

''Choir Ladder''. By making use of simple, playful exercises and songs phonation and the joy of singing are promoted.

Learning to sing, just like learning to speak, requires stable relationships. Because if mom, dad, grandma or grandpa join, toddlers feel more comfortable. Children experience language and singing as a natural form of community, in which they inevitably want to take part in.

For our youngest members we therefore focus on singing classes together with a familiar person (Parents, Grandparents). We sing well-known and obscure songs according to the seasons, which is joyful for everyone. Moreover, we make use of our voices in various other manners and try lots of funny things.